Woocommerce Online Products Designer Tool

First of all, Thank you so much for viewing this documentation!

This documentation is to help you regarding each steps of the plugin setup. Please go through the documentation carefully to understand how it works and how to integrate it properly.

"Woocommerce Online Products Designer Tool" is one of the best tool to design any products of Woocommerce.

This plugin is a cool platform for designing. It is fully customizable from admin and very easy to design from design panel.

This plugin is compatible up to Wordpress latest version and Woocommerce latest version too. It has advanced settings panel to easily manage from admin.

This plugin is designed with some very important features so that anyone can easily design the product of their choice. More emphasis has been placed on making it easier for users to design.

There are many plugins in the market but our goal is for users to be able to design any of their products through a simple process that's why we made the design panel very simple, user friendly and easy to use.

  1. Download the file from codecanyon and you will find a zip file named "woocommerce-online-products-designer.zip"
  2. Now visit your Wordpress Dashboard and under the "Plugins" tab hit "Add New" button then press "Upload Plugin" button. To upload the plugin file click on "Browse" button and select plugin file named "woocommerce-online-products-designer.zip" and hit open then click "Install Now" button and finally activate the plugin.
  3. Go to "Online Designer" tab from left sidebar of your admin dashboard and upload clipart, clipart color, text color, font, text pattern etc. from here. You can add name and number size variation and price from here. You can also customize button from here.
  4. Now go to "Products" under "WooCommece" and press "Add New" to add a product. After adding a product go to "Manage Design Elements" of products metabox and enable custom design for the frontend by check the option. Go to "Images" tab and insert images, color code, color name and sort order. You can add multiple/variation image and color from here. From "General Settings" tab you can add images hover text and pricing. You can add any info to the "Help" tab.
  5. After completing these tasks, click on the "Publish / Update" button and check the product on the frontend.